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AIA NY | center for architecture

"toward the hybrid city... "inter-building" with mass timber"

introduction to mass timber and presentation of our projects

2024 april 11th at the center for architecture

NYSERDA - OulipO executed agreement

OulipO selected by NYSERDA to assist their decarbonization mission for the next four years 

2024 march


AIA architecture for education committee

"mass timber schools"

presentation of our education projects

2023 october 4th at the center for architecture


architectural record

2023 june

project: flandre 007 | paris XIX, fr

nyswbe-logo 2.jpg

OulipO WBE certified

2023 june


nysafah annual conference

presentation on mass timber architecture in session "trending construction techniques"

2023 may 18

2022 dec_CSU article.jpg

"The Growing Twenties"

our article on mass timber advantages and obstacles was published by consortium for sustainable urbanization

2022 december


2022 juin_Archistorm - Le meilleur de l'architecture, les 100 projets de l'année 2021 en F

the urssaf headquarters elected by archistorm magazine

as one of the 100 best projects of 2021 in france

2022 july

article or portfolio

22.06.08_Flandre 007.jpeg

visit of the urssaf headquarters by the developer Icade one year after completion

2022 june


22.06.01_France-Uruguay_Construction site visit 1.jpeg

open visit organized by fibois of the france-uruguay high school's construction site

2022 june

photos or portfolio


snbvi honors vmzinc for their great work on manufacturing and installing the multifaceted zinc facade of the urssaf headquarters

2022 may

photos or portfolio

2022.04_France-Uruguay .jpg

installation of the final roof element of the france-uruguay high school

2022 april

post or portfolio

2021 Trophées de la Construction_logo.jpeg

winner of the "trophées de la construction 2021/mention bim" with the urssaf headquarters

2022 march

article or portfolio

2022.01_France-Uruguay_Installation of the first 3D wood modules 2.jpeg

installation of the 206th and final 3D mass timber module of the france-uruguay high school

2022 march

photos or portfolio

AC_Collège Molière_L'Aigle_1b.jpg

green light to the renovation work of the molière high school

2022 february


2022.03_France-Uruguay_Installation of the final 3D wood module 3.jpeg

installation of the first 3D mass timber module of the france-uruguay high school

2022 january

photos or portfolio

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