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22.06.01_France-Uruguay_Construction site visit 5.jpeg


Avon, FR

France-Uruguay High School | Avon, FR

open visit of the construction site organized by Fibois

The boarding school is a new building built of wood 3D modules manufactured off-site by Ossabois in their factory in France. The series of 206 student rooms were then silently installed on site within only 8 weeks, at a rate of 6 to 8 modules a day!
This off-site manufacturing uses dry, lightweight, prefabricated modules, guaranteeing an easy, fast and flawless construction. This process reduces waste and enables a high level of recyclability. On site, it substantially reduces noise and environmental pollution. And very important here, it doesn't need the land extent required for on-site construction, thus protecting the flora and fauna surrounding the project.

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