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OulipO is a transatlantic think tank and award-winning architecture studio, WBE certified, founded by Anne Carcelen and Vinciane Albrecht in Paris and New York City. OulipO, ouvroir de lieux potentiels (workshop for potential places), refers to the French group of literature OuLiPo, ouvroir de littérature potentielle, with which we share the founding principle: "constraint is ground for inspiration".


OulipO’s portfolio spans various scales and programs with strong expertise in mass timber architecture to offer a resilient and healthy environment to the people while reducing both carbon and ground footprints. Our unique expertise offers European excellence in sustainable construction combined with informed experience in the American context. The Nelson Mandela education complex in Nantes (FR, 2015), the largest mass timber structure school in a seismic area in France, was awarded the “Grand Prix National” of Wood Construction. The URSSAF headquarters in Paris (FR, 2021), an eight-story mass timber structure, received 3 design awards, is included in “The 100 best projects of the year in France“ in Archistorm magazine and was published in Architectural Record. The France-Uruguay student housing in Avon (FR, 2022), a mass timber modular building, allowed the 206 student studio modules to be installed within only 8 weeks without disturbing the site. We are currently designing a multi-family residential project in Los Angeles which is pursuing Phius certification (Passive House Institute US).


OulipO solves complex challenges with creativity, innovation and generosity to create inspiring places for people. Through various scales - urban to domestic - we explore the meaning of inhabiting and the interactions between space and beings. We draw from the program and the client’s wishes the chance to exalt the variety of uses, responding to both current needs and (un)predictable changes. Site specifics - memory, materiality, culture, atmosphere - are the substance of our reflection. We design with a meticulous attention to detail, a profound awareness of materials and a respect for the craft of construction. Sustainability is both our goal and our source of inspiration to protect resources and energy equilibrium. We imagine spaces whose poetic and evocative qualities invoke the senses and celebrate a genuine experience.


OulipO’s mantra, "the right material in the right place", acts as a guide toward the optimization of resources. Each project is a journey on which we embark with experience and optimism. Along this journey, OulipO finds the space for beauty, as beauty comes from the coherence and evidence of materials when they are used according to their truth.

architecture studio


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